To Chop or Not to Chop? That is the Question.

The blogosphere has been a buzz over this topic recently. Who would have thought simple throw pillows would get so much attention? I personally am a chopper. I am partial to down pillow inserts and down can have a tendancy to look messy and smooshed really easily. The chop helps keep the down in line. I have no idea where or when this pillow chopping began but I think it was to combat unruly down inserts. In my opinion, pillows (especially those with tempermental down inserts) are never going to lay perfectly straight so why not add a little dimension to them? I would rather have a purposeful chop in my pillows than pillows that have a mind of their own. Of course, as is the case with most things in design, chopping pillows can get a bit out of hand. One blog post said the pointy corners made the pillows seem less inviting. Overly chopped pillows can definitely feel a bit agressive and can sometimes feel as though you're trying too hard.  I usually try to poof up my down pillow a bit, set the pillow where I want it, and give it a little tap in the center for a little dimension not a perfectly defined "V".

We recently came across a blog that said absolutely never ever ever karate chop a pillow. I usually cringe whenever I hear those words because #1 I hate being told what I can and cannot do (it makes me want to go out and chop every pillow I come across) #2 I think rules in design are too stifling. This bloggers reasoning was because it makes the space feel too contrived and stuffy and not a place where living takes place. Placing black and white "rules" on the way you design your space is in contradiction to what that blogger was saying. To me, chopping my pillows gives me the comfy cozy feeling I am looking for in my space. Straight or "chop free" pillows feel more stuffy to me personally because I would be so worried about the pillows being perfectly straight all of the time which is impossible. The chop feels more casual and care free to me.

For me the bottom line is: do whatever you like best. If you like chopping-chop away. If you don't like the chop then don't chop. It's that simple. Do you chop your pillows? Do you feel strongly either way?