A Living Room Spruce Up

We shared our design for the great room in this home here and now we want to share how we suggested sprucing up the living room. Before: This room had great bones to work with, we just needed to bring in a little color to match the vibrant personalities of the family. We went with a great blue color scheme which really popped in the space. You can see the life the blue adds in the above picture. We also recommended flipping the furniture plan to open up the space a bit. A great architectural mirror also helps to expand what is a pretty tiny room. A larger rug is another way to visually expand a small room. A whimsical clock gallery over the sofa keeps the space from becoming too stuffy. Here's a quick little sketch showing how we would layout the room.

It's amazing what just flipping the floor plan and adding a new rug, window treatments, and throw pillows can do to freshen up a room. If you need a little help reinventing your space stop in and ask about our design services which start at $95.

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