Spring cleanse - Freshen Up

spring entryHave you been bitten by that spring cleaning bug yet?  Maybe you've found yourself sweeping out the garage, clearing out the spider webs, and giving everything a good shake out.  If so, you've definitely been bitten by the bug, and it feels good right?  Now that your windows are clean -- if not only washed by spring showers, if you're like me -- you've noticed that what could really use is some attention now are those spots in your home that look as dull and lifeless as those leaves you just swept out of your garage. You know the spots I'm talking about, the one you avoid, the one that makes you sigh when you look at it.  There isn't anything wrong with them exactly, you're just sick to death looking at them after being cooped up all winter long with them.

With the arrival of spring you're looking for signs of life.  With that in mind, you can bring new life to your home with a few easy to accomplish steps that won't take a lot of green.

1 - Don't just dust those sleepy shelves, give them a good cleanse.  Take everything down and start with a clean slate.  Take time to edit out clutter, it feels so good to purge a few things and make room for something new.  Think about composition as you put your items back on the shelf.  Lay books and objects in interesting ways to show them off best.  The goal is to see your things in a fresh new way, so remind yourself to think outside the normal when you want to put things back just the way you found them.


2 - Give your things a spring fling.  Not loving those pillows on that sofa anymore?  Switch them up with some pillows from another area of your home.   Same goes for your accessories.  This is a great pro trick.  Ask any designer, we love shopping our client's homes when pulling a room together.  You'll be surprised what new life an object can bring when it is put in a new spot.

fresh living room

3 - Bring the outdoors in.  Snag a few of those branches from your yard that are in bloom and create a pretty arrangement with a few of your jars and vases.  Keep it simple.


Try these tricks from the pros and be ready to celebrate spring indoors as well as out.  And of course, now that you're feeling really great about the fresh new take on your place, you can focus on the rooms that really need some attention from your favorite designers.  You know the one I'm talking about here too right?

Look forward to our next post this week - how we made a master bedroom into a restful and inspiring space.

LIV fresh.

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