Spring 2013 Color Spotlight - Grayed Jade

pantone-color-report-spring-201312As a fun way to introduce some of this seasons top colors, we're going to do a spotlight on a few of our favorites in this 60's inspired pallet.

The 2013 color pallet - Warm pale shades of Misty Jade, Icy Lilac and Praline Ivory punctuated with shots of hot colors such as Sun Orange, Sulphur Chartreuse and Deep Orchid; Moonless Night Black and Apple Blossom Nude provide a strong backdrop

To kick us off - the color I've been noticing the most while out shopping - grayed jade

grayed jade bedroom

Beautiful and restful when used in interiors.

modern-living-room jade

Used in a living room it becomes fresh and just has just the right cool color to play well with warm woods and a wide array of white.

grayed jade

And in fashion it could be the perfect way to add some color to a neutral outfit.

LIV colorfully

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