Painted Ceilings

kitchen with blue ceilingPainting the ceiling in a room can be a great way to complete the space.  It's an unexpected detail, and in some cases, can be just the right touch to pull a tricky space together. Spaces that would especially be benefited by a painted ceiling would be smaller rooms like bathrooms to cut down on chopping up the space too much.  It creates balance and some cases, leaving the ceiling white can make the room seem unfinished.  Cutting the strength by 1/2 is a great way to introduce color without being too heavy.  Painting the ceiling a light blue also gives the illusion of the sky.

kitchen ceiling

Our designer, Pam, shares what she did in a recent project, "I painted the ceiling rice grain which is a creamy tan with a hint of green. I did that to high light the crown molding. I also think it creates the illusion of a taller ceiling. Painting the ceiling the same color as the walls when not using crown molding makes the room feel a lot bigger and the ceiling a lot taller. When the wall is one color and the ceiling another you are essentially drawing a line where the walls end and the ceiling begin. When you eliminate that line of demarcation the walls blend into the ceiling making it seen bigger since there isn't anyway for your eyes to stop."

nursery ceilingPainting a bright pattern worked great in this nursery.  It tied in the yellow and makes a bold statement.

Our designer Deboni says, "You have to be really careful doing ceilings, but when done right it looks awesome."

porch ceiling

For advice on how to pull off painted ceilings in your home don't hesitate to call us or stop by the showroom.

painted ceiling

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