Unique Color Combinations - How to use unique colors but still keep the room feminine

If you use a color scheme that seems more fit for a boys room like this orange and blue room, be sure to go with feminine and curvy patterns or patterns that are more playful.  The curves and floral wallpaper keep this room from crossing the line into boyland.
The greens and blues in this picture are already more feminine versions of the colors.  While this isn't an over-the-top unique combination, it's refreshing not to see any pink.  The white touches and subtle ruffles add just a touch of softness.
room revealThis scheme is hard not to love.  It's colorful but soft at the same time.  While the yellow is pretty gender neutral the softness of the green adds the feminine element. Of course the floral wallpaper and curve of the headboard add to the element too.  The larger geometric pattern on the bed keeps it from going overly girly.
While this scheme and decor is certainly not for everyone (it's a bit much for my taste!), the color scheme is certainly refreshing and it still feels fit for a princess.  The look is certainly eclectic, but the scheme could be interpreted in various styles.  I love the combination of green and yellow with a hint of red and pink.  You could adapt this scheme by going more conservative on the patterns to make the room more transitional or modern and not so eclectic.
To put together a unique scheme you can start in a couple of different ways.  The easiest way is to find an inspiration piece to go from.  Typically that piece would be a fabric, wallpaper, or area rug that has a couple of colors to pull from.  Of course, in this case the color scheme already needs to be unique on the specific piece, or you make it unique by how you pair it all together.
You can also start by just choosing a color you love and paint or select a fabric in that color.  Slowly pull pieces together that go well with that color and a new unique color scheme  can be born.
Always keep in mind the overall feeling you want to create in the room and select either intense colors or soft colors from there.  Keep contrast low if you want a more subtle approach even if you do want it to still be very different.
The more modern you want to go, the fewer colors you should use in the scheme.  Just don't go overboard.  3-4 main colors is typically plenty.
Here's some other random inspiration
Schumacher bali vine: Select something neutral but feminine and your possibilities for pairing it up are endless.  Match up this fabric with a painted dresser like this one above in any fun or soft color and your new scheme has begun.
kravet xu garden
Kravet XU Garden:
I love the idea of using this green geometric for a girls room.  It's modern and fresh and very unique.  You could take this more bold by pairing with bolder colors and larger patterns, or soften it with fresh or airy colors in smaller scale patterns.  Pair this geometric with various shades of blue, yellow, green (or a yellow-green would be so cute!) to create something different for your girls room.
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