Need for Home

Today was one of "those" days.  When I finally got home, it hit me again  (for probably the hundredth time) why home is so very important and why we work so hard to make it a place we love and want to be.  Home is the place to get away from the craziness of life we all experience.  Sometimes the haven is needed more than others.  Thank you readers who are acting as therapists today!  Here's the story that got me thinking and made my so glad for my own special abode.   The day started as I rushed with all 3 kids (4, 2, and 6 months) out the door at 9am (okay so it's not really early BUT it is Saturday) to get to the new store.  To get open in time I bribed my whole family (2 sisters, 2 brothers, and dear old mommy and daddy) into coming to help me clean up the place to get ready for paint next week.   We made it on time which if you ask the fam is a miracle.  Right as we got there my sweet two-year old unexpectedly had an accident.  This is not usual for her so I was totally unprepared.  Amist the stress of ordering everyone around I was dealing with trying to regroup with a half-naked little cutie.  Mom and dad come to the rescue in time to rush to the store and buy new clothes while I fed the baby and ordered around some more delegated.   My little sweetie just couldn't be contained in the shop so she ran in and out of the building to the grass as I watched her play.  Mind you I covered her in a diaper but no pants.  Trying not to be too uptight  and not let her enjoy herself playing in the sunshine, I let her play while I fed the baby.

Long story short I get to my car so grandma and grandpa could take the kids to play while we worked and I find this sweet note on my window.  I'm thinking...oh a nice note...someone inquiring about the store.  To my shock it read, "Get some clothes on your kids.  You can't run a business if you can't take care of your kids" Signed: A disgusted mother. 

For the next few hours I stirred about it, angered that someone would judge me and my family so harshly, not having a clue about the situation.  I've been thinking all day and am finally coming to terms about it.  I'm sure you may have had similar experiences.  Before I get too dramatic and stoop to levels of unkindness myself (no I would never go there!) I will get back to the point of this post.  And remember this is just a small part of the day in the life of a mother with 3 young kids and 2 full-time family businesses.  Oh, my!

Home is the best place I can think of to re-group, re-focus, and brush of the dirt (MUD in this case) of the world.  Children and adults alike deal with what I dealt with almost everyday at varying degrees.  Coming to the home you've created with style, warmth, color, and certainty is the best way to renew and share GOOD moments with loved ones.  Thank heavens-something to really LIV for! 

I love how this happened today.  I've realized; it's what the store is ALL about.  Creating spaces that you and your family can love to have a refuge and place to enjoy.  Thank you to "A disgusted mother" for reminding me that my dream for the showroom is worth working for to help all mothers out there create their own place called HOME.   When I go back through lists of design clients especially those in Utah (must be the family thing) this "creating home" concept is a shared desire for each of them.  Interior design is all about finding  what design elements create haven place for you.

PS.  The store looks a little better cleaned up- I got some aggressions out on the dirty floor!  More pics of the transformation next week...and no more drama.

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