Project Update: Basement Family Room

Every designer loves a clean slate! And with this project, we didn't have to work around anything except the foundation.  This client was getting ready to piece together their basement over the next several months (or longer...we know how that goes) but really wanted a "road map" for the end result to know what to plan for in finishing the basement off.  How smart is that?  We are always preaching about how that is such a good idea....and she came up with it before we even had to say a word!  Knowing the layout of the space and how you plan to use it is SO necessary when laying out the walls, electrical, etc.  Now with the plan in place....they are ready to get construction started. We first started with the room layout.  This is what we came up with for a great family entertaining space where TV and fireplace can both be front and center at any time.  There's tons of room for playing games, conversation, reading, munching, more munching, and relaxing in front of the fireplace.  We selected 2 kinds of flooring; a carpet (style to be determined when they are ready) and a vinyl wood plank perfect for a basement entry and kitchen.

Poulson Great Room Floor Plan 001

Next, we designed this really awesome and HUGE focal wall with fireplace, storage, built-in benches, and more storage.  It takes up very little room, is a great focal wall, and provides warmth, seating, and storage.

Fireplace wall with built ins

White cabinetry and the stone keep the room feeling sophisticated and fresh, but still warm and cozy.

In this project, the concept board wasn't the focus.  We still showed the client the concept to go with the layout, but most of the real selections will come a little later when the construction draws to an end.  The feel of the room is casual, comfortable, but with a hint of crispness and maturity.

chelle concept board-page-0

Whatever room you are doing, just remember to get the PLAN together first.  Over the process a couple of things may change slightly, but knowing the end result makes it all go more smoothly. We've had to come remodel basements recently after they have been finished to actually make them functional!  Before you get started...get your "road map".  See the beautiful results!  Its worth it.  This plan was created within one of our inexpensive design packages too.  Love that.

LIV Sensibly