The Look

We wanted to give a quick visual representation of the feel we are trying to creat in the store.  Usually we shop in the certain stores because we like their "look".  Because we live in a go-go-go world, we like to be as efficient as we can with our time.  If we're going shopping we want to go store that we know will have something we'll like.  So what is the look at Liv by Atmosphere ID? When you walk into Liv by Atmosphere ID you will see furniture pieces with classic lines but with a sleeker sillouette.  You will also see a lot of organic finishes and reclaimed woods mixed with natural fibers.  Most of the bigger pieces will be neutral colors with pops of color in the artwork, pillows, and accessories.  Our customer is someone who is looking classic but comfortable pieces mixed with vintage pieces that have a little soul and refurbished pieces that can add a bit of history to a space.  If you're looking to freshen up your space while maintaining a home you can actually live in stop by and see us.

Please keep in mind that showroom is just a sneak peek of what we can do and what we can provide you.  If you don't see something on the floor that works in your home we can special order something in just for you, your tastes, and your budget.

I hope these photos give you a little better idea of the type of store we're creating.  Sneak peeks of the merchandise that will be on the floor will be coming later this week.