Private Residence: One amazing basement design

Not all basements need to be kept out of sites for visitors.  In fact, in this private residence, the unfinished basement is desired to be the hangout spot of the house.  While there are plans to start finishing the basement and get framing underway, this project will be over a year in the making.   Why start so soon in the planning phases?  Its super smart to plan ahead in any design, but when you have the option to move walls (or create them) on paper and get layouts just right to plan appropriately for electrical and other systems its great to get designing before hammering any nails.  In this basement design we created the layout first.  This is the family room  and lounge area of the basement.  The other side with kitchen and game area (including a custom fireplace!) are in the works too.  After learning the needs of the household we came up with this great layout to optimize seating.  

Double duty is the name of the game in this family room.  Leather ottomans double as a great focal point (right below a fabulous iron pendant) and a coffee table, but are great for extra seating too.  The 3 cute stools under the console are stored in a great spot and can be used at the table for a quick look on the laptop (all while hanging with the family watching a flick).  The bench seat near the window is a great reading spot, but also adds seating for a party.  In all there are spots for 20 seats without pulling in any seating from another location.  The space isn't that large either; good space planning is the key here.  The cute iron end table even works as a stool, but looks amazing and is a great spot to put a drink. 

The look is comfortable, with a color scheme of navy, celedon green, chocolate brown, and a pop of orange to freshen things up.  Much of the furniture is leather or vinyl and are easily cleanable.  For 20++ people it better be!   The mix of finishes are of weathered woods, aged leather, linen, and a custom cut wool carpet into a perfect sized area rug.  The navy stripes in the rug help anchor the room and add a fun touch.  Glimpses of white in the accessories and lamps add freshness to the textures.

The digital board and space plan are just the start to get excited about finishing off this basement.  Although it will be a longer timeline, the planning ahead makes for fewer last-minute changes and allows for proper placement of important items.  Even better, this plan is something to look forward to during construction.  Couldn't you get excited about this space?!