Design Challenge: Living/Dining Renovation

Project Name: Living/Dining Renovation

Project Location: Bountiful, UT

Designers: Tonya Olsen assisted by Kim Johnson - Student Intern

Project Details: 3700 sf remodel of a 1960 rambler

Project Objective: Create inviting, family friendly, living and dining areas that flow with the kitchen and allow for indoor/outdoor entertaining

Budget: $10,000

Olsen home prior to renovation.

When Jeff Olsen purchased a home for his wife, Tonya, while she was out of town this summer, he was a little bit nervous. "She didn't have access to a computer so I couldn't send her pictures," he explained. "She said if I felt that strongly about it that she trusted me and I should buy it."

It's a good thing he followed his instincts.

That was six months ago. The home, a 1960 rambler with original interiors, sits on a precipice overlooking Mill Creek Canyon in Bountiful. Jeff was compelled to take a chance despite the low ceilings, small enclosed rooms and obstructed views. Although he couldn't see the potential, he knew Tonya would.

Living and dining areas prior to renovation.

Living area after renovation. Ceilings were vaulted and windows were expanded to take advantage of the view.

The recently finished renovation required the entire interior to be gutted. Termites had damaged the foundation. The water and sewer lines had to be replaced. Walls were moved. Windows were created where none existed. Despite the extensive work, Jeff and Tonya are glad he made that bold decision.

The end result is an updated open floor plan with expanded views overlooking a pristine canyon.

What's next on the list of projects? Decorating the interior of course!

Tonya, one of the owners of LIV Showroom in Bountiful, has opened her home to one of the store's student interns as "a blank canvas" to see what she can create.

Tonya's requirements are simple. Create a fun, open seating area that will allow guests to flow in and out of the kitchen and in and out onto the deck, plus dining room seating for a family of five.

Check back often to follow the progress of this fun project!

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