Vendor Love

We are so excited to be able to feature a few hand selected local artisans and showcase their product in the store.  We'll be introducing you to our vendors in the next couple of weeks.  The first artisan we want to introduce you to is Dawn Behunin of Devona Claire Jewelry.  Dawn makes some of the best beaded jewelry I've seen in a while.  Each of her pieces is unique and features authentic gemstones, hand painted beads, and unique clasps.  We had so much fun a couple of weeks ago out on the grass in front of the store (to escape the heat and construction mess inside the building) seeing all of the great pieces Dawn has made.  Her collection has a little bit of everything to fit each person's unique taste and style.  Some pieces were more organic while others are a bit more glitzy.  Dawn uses silver, gold, copper, and gun metal in her designs.  Below are a few pics of some her work that has already sold to give you a small taste of what Devona Claire is all about.  Because each piece is hand made, they are all completely unique and sure to be an attention grabber and complement any outfit.  Dawn's jewelry would also make a fabulous Christmas gift (I hope you're reading this Hubby). I can't wait for you see the pieces that will be in the store!  For now, please enjoy a little sneak peek of Dawn's work (click on the picture to view the entire piece.)