Tonya's Market Faves

Pam and Deboni have some awesome picks, but I tend to be a bit more eclectic and rustic. I am loving the pickled woods, textured rugs and vintage lights. Let's start from the ground up: #1 RugsLove, love, love the area rugs we saw! Geometrics and jewel tones were the big items at market this year. The best news is that the ones we are getting in the store are high quality and reasonably priced.

#2 Robin Bruce

I've decided that my new BFF is Robin Bruce, a great upholstery line we stumbled upon which includes sofas, chairs and accent pieces. Robin Bruce is eco friendly, high quality and affordable. The best part is the there are dozens of frames and hundreds of fabric options to choose from.

#3 Pillows

We were literally in pillow heaven. I think this was by far, as a group, our most favorite part of market.

#4 Industrial Lights

I'm pretty particular about lighting (ask the girls) so I was thrilled to come across some great classic, industrial lights.

#5 Weird and Wacky

Contrary to popular belief, not everything at market is fabulous. I think these items speak for themselves.