It's Pre-Order Time!!

We are soooo excited about a new upholstery line we're carrying called Robin Bruce.  It was one our favorite finds at market (Tonya wrote about it here).  It is a smaller more boutique line which we love because sometimes too many options can be overwhelming.  The frames are very classic and well made and all of the cushions are down wrapped (and they are super comfy too).  What we loved the most though was the fabric.  It was such a new and fresh collection.  Because we are so excited to be carrying this line (can you tell we really  like it?), we are offering 40% off all pre-orders.  If you're in the market for some great upholstery now is the perfect time to pull the trigger.  This line can be tailored just for you and your space.  You can pick the fabric, trim, pillow fabric, and the wood finish.