Remodeling your restaurant or updating your office?  Building your dream home or remodeling your existing home?    Just one room or maybe your whole house? We're ready, with a full suite of services. See for yourself!


commercial design

We get it.  Your business needs to keep running smoothly even when taking on design project to improve your workspace.  Let us help you.  We strategically brand your space for profitability so you can do what you do so well and look good doing it.  


residential DESIGN

Say goodbye to pinning your days away and say hello to Liv Design Collective!  You want a space that is stunning (like our portfolio!) and uniquely you.  You want home to have that wow factor and be an extension of who you are. But, can we be real for a second.  Designing a space sounds and looks like a ton of fun.  But it's hard work too! Let us handle the hundreds of details.  We'll just make you look good and have a space you love coming home to...and if you want  you can even take the credit.   



You know that well-staged homes sell for more money than properties that aren't branded. Since buyers are more likely to buy a property that looks move in ready, you need some help getting it up to their pinterest-perfect standards (yep, it's a thing these days).   Staging your property will also increase its online appeal & reduce the number of days it's on the market.  



 Just ask your builder.  Design is the key element in the building & remodeling process that affects ALL the others.  Total time in building, schedule, budget (and overruns!), ordering, installation, and vendor selection all revolve around design selections.  Face it; that's a ton of pressure and you need help from someone who's been there, done that, alot.  Drawings, specs, and the smallest details designed up front make the biggest impact in the end result.  And we aren't just talking about the stunning home we'll create, but we'll do that too.  While working together to create your unique home, we make it easy for you.  

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