E-Design is the perfect, affordable option for one-room projects. Our talented designers communicate via e-mail and phone to create a custom room design just for you. With E-Design, you will still get all the perks of an interior designer, but you'll also get a lot more flexibility with the price & pace of project.




Are you selling a luxury home or furnishing a model home? Liv Showroom + Design can help! We know that well staged homes sell for more money than property's that aren't branded. Your property gains value when a buyer views it as pinterest-perfect because they'll consider it to be move-in-ready and become more inclined to buy. Staging your property will also increase it's online appeal & reduce the number of days your property in on the market.


Interior Design


Say goodbye to pinning your days away and say hello to Liv Showroom + Design! We'll give you personalized instructions on how to design your dream home on your own, OR we can keep it hassle free and the handle the install for your too! Check out our flexible pricing options below that will get MORE out of your budget!


Construction + Remodeling 

Liv Showroom + Design is the perfect solution to simplifying your remodeling or new construction project! Our team has years of experience in drawing blueprints and is excited to fill you in on the design do's and don'ts of building! We can create both custom floor plans & interior designs according to your vision. We'll help you stay within budget and even offer you steep discounts on products purchased directly from our vendors.